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"Rules of communication on the forum"


- fmi, nook

1. General provisions:

1.1. The forum is an open platform for communication for all residents of the Internet. To create topics and messages on the forum you need to register on the project. Access to the forum is not restricted if the rules of the section, subsection, topic or status of the forum participant (ban, ban on posting messages) do not state otherwise.

1.2. Any section, subsection or topic of the forum can have its own, additional rules. They must be approved by the forum administration or its representatives. These rules have the status not less than the given rules of a forum and observance by it is obligatory.

1.3. In cases of conflict between the rules of the forum and the additional rules or between the additional rules of different parts of the forum, it should be remembered that the rules of smaller parts of the forum take precedence over the rules of large ones. Thus, the rules of a particular topic take precedence over the rules of the section, the rules of the section over the rules of the section, and the rules of the section over the rules of the forum.

1.4. All messages reflect the views of their authors only. The administration of the forum is not responsible for the content of messages of users of this Forum.

1.5. The language of communication at the Forum is Russian.

1.6. The management of the forum reserves the right to grant, at its discretion, events, phenomena and participants of the forum the status of exclusion from the rules of the forum. The status of exclusion can be of any nature at the discretion of the forum management.

1.7. Registration for the project implies full and unconditional acceptance of all rules of services, including these rules, as well as their implementation.

1.8. The administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time at any time without the consent and notification of the forum participants. Ignorance of the Rules does not release the user from liability for their violation.

1.11. This forum is postmoderated, ie users' posts are published immediately and moderated later. Thus, the Forum may temporarily contain messages that are not acceptable from the point of view of the administration or the rules of the Forum.

1.12. If the forum participants violate its rules, the moderators independently determine the degree of violation and have the right to act at their discretion: delete, move or edit posts and topics; issue verbal warnings, deprive the opportunity to write messages and deprive access to the forum, but for a period not exceeding 7 days.

1.13. All disputes in the interpretation of these rules are resolved by representatives of the administration (moderators, supermoderators and administrators) unilaterally.

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