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Student Life

- "Student life is not limited to the academic process, most of our students get a unique experience from being at the university,

departments and laboratories! "

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Gain experience - how the faculty prepares students, and become leaders in the field, meet a community of people dedicated to work on the chosen path of research!



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The management of the faculty improves the learning processes and is interested in creating favorable conditions for the development of creative potential, search, support and stimulation of intellectually and creatively gifted youth, self-realization of creative personality in modern society.




Due to the desire of students for creative self-realization and successful methodological work of the faculty with the constant support of management, the University is rapidly implementing a program for the spiritual and cultural development of the student's personality. Creative events at the University have a good, lasting tradition. The main priorities of youth policy at the University are the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, employment and patriotic education.

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