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ФОН Навчальний процес ННЦМІ
Учебный процесс ННЦМІ ( ФМИ )

Learning process


We help students in their personal growth and DEVELOPMENT!

  • Our faculty attaches great importance to teaching and learning so that students can benefit from quality education. We strive to continuously improve our quality of education in order to provide a better education for students. Information and resources related to teaching and learning at the faculty can be found on this site.


Research resources ...

The management of the faculty obliges teachers and students to conduct research activities in order to increase the position of research and development of new technologies.


Learning through research ...

Thanks to the scientific activity of NUS and its research centers, learning on this

faculty, is conducted through research, regardless of the choice of specialty.

Educational, or research

conferences (seminars) are conducted by scientific supervisors of departments (research staff), who explain the directions (topics) of scientific work and invite

students with their achievements.

КРУГ  2.

Individual training ...

We increase students' independence through individual learning: all students have their own individual curriculum, consulting with tutors (teacher-researcher) to make their choice among the many proposals in teaching.

Навчальний процес ННЦМІ (7 РОКІВ)



FMI gives priority to fundamental knowledge and combines in-depth study of the material with familiarity with many other disciplines.

The variety, diversity and organization of training courses, gathered at 3 departments for study, allow students to explore the boundaries of their disciplines and develop intellectual approaches with strong interdisciplinarity.

Writing a thesis is one of the most important steps in obtaining a degree!

Students should be familiar with the steps required to prepare and submit a dissertation in the early stages of thesis writing.

In your departments you will learn everything you need to know about the thesis process from the first project to the final presentation.



Academic calendar

Two semesters and a special term. Standard calendar of the University for training.

1 Semester


2 Semester


A special term


Work while you study!

  • Students can find work (part-time) while studying at university.

Graduation soon?

  • If you are going to finish your studies at the university this year, contact the group curator to get all the necessary advice so that everything goes smoothly.

ФОН Навчальний процес ННЦМІ (2)
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