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Postgraduate study is a form of training of researchers in higher educational institutions and research organizations.

Usually postgraduate studies end with the defense of a candidate's dissertation and the award of the degree of candidate of sciences.

Persons with higher professional education are admitted to the graduate school of the university on a competitive basis.

Persons who have passed the candidate exams in full or in part are exempted from the relevant entrance examinations upon entering postgraduate studies.

The Admissions Committee, based on the results of the entrance exams, makes decisions on each applicant, ensuring the enrollment on a competitive basis of persons most prepared for scientific and pedagogical work.

Enrollment in graduate school is carried out by order of the head of the higher educational institution (scientific institution, organization).

Postgraduate studies can be carried out full-time for no more than three years, part-time - four years. During the study the graduate student is obliged to: fully fulfill the individual plan; pass candidate exams in philosophy, foreign language and special discipline; complete the work on the dissertation and submit it to the department (to the council, department, laboratory, sector).

Why FMI ?

For example, it has long been no secret that the management of the faculty, planning a long-term perspective in the field of sustainable development, focuses the attention of the whole team on training highly qualified, modern professionals as well as for their future recruitment needs, investing in staff development programs that help develop many talents. , which the faculty will be able to count on.


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