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Summer courses and programs

The activities of the faculty are aimed at providing services in the field of education at a competitive level and are able to expand the boundaries of knowledge through research, to prepare applicants for future work. Achieving these goals depends on the efforts of students, teachers and staff of the faculty, university. Our staff directly teaches and participates in research. In the same way, our team traditionally supports certain basic initiatives and values of universities.

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The summer semester of 2020 is over. Programs and courses for 2021 are currently being planned. Subscribe to updates   today so as not to miss next summer!

Sports and recreation camp "Ship"

For questions about the rest of NUS employees, please contact the NUK trade union committee:
Main building of NUS, room 211, tel. (067) 515-71-72



Aquatoria Sports and Health Camp

Director: Mykola Volodymyrovych Kompaniets
Phone: +38 (093) 557 37 65
Head's assistant:
Landline: +38 (0515) 42 59 56

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