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  • Dear teachers and staff of the Department of Mass Media and EM , March 25 , 2020, a meeting of the department will be held by telephone. Specialists of the department need to make a report on the work done since the beginning of quarantine. Teachers urgently provide reports and journals for the fall semester. / DOWNLOAD THE FORM /

Порядок денний.

To the agenda of the meeting on March 25, 20.
According to item 1, all teachers of the department to make tasks for students according to the schedule of classes.

The task to give the leading specialist Chumakova VV for mailing to students.

Under paragraph 3, doctoral and postgraduate students to provide reports on the implementation of training plans.

Provide applicants with available dissertation materials.

To item 6 to all teachers of department according to individual plans to make from 13.03.20 on
03.04.20 weekly robot plans and implementation report until 20.03.20.

All specialists of the department according to the plan of the department for 2019-2020 academic year to make from
13.03.20 to 03.04.20 weekly robot plans and report on implementation until 20.03.20.

Make suggestions for the " Miscellaneous " section.


The meeting of the department will take place in the format of mobile telephone communication from 10 am to 2 pm

Head of Department A.P. Shevtsov.

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