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 ннцмі пк

Certification training.

Повышение квалификации НУК ННЦМІ

  • Training of qualified specialists for the maritime infrastructure of Ukraine is one of the urgent tasks, especially for the training of qualified specialists. The transition to a market economy requires not only the involvement of additional labor in social production, improving its skills, but also further expanding the training of specialists, increasing the saturation of qualified personnel of the maritime economy of Ukraine.

  • Increasing the number of specialists and systematically improving their skills is a necessary condition for increasing production, accelerating technical progress, solving the main economic problem of reforming the economy and overcoming the crisis.

  • There are significant differences between the process of training new workers and retraining those with work experience. If the training involves training in vocational knowledge and skills, then retraining - the expansion and deepening of vocational skills and knowledge that employees have acquired during the training period and improved in the process of work.

  • Retraining of workers is a process of learning, due to which the worker expands the possibilities of applying labor. It involves professional change.

  • Retraining is carried out on special courses with or without separation from production. Such a system should ensure compliance between the professional and qualification structure of workers and the achievements of science and technology that are implemented in production.

  • All over the world, companies are increasingly in need of employees who have higher flexibility, a high level of qualification and the ability to change in the business sphere. Thus, the problem of organizing continuous training and retraining is a necessary component of the entire organizational and legal mechanism for regulating labor relations.

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