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Invest in your training and professional development

Learn, work, and learn to work again!
When you work in the field of education and research for some time, you need to expand your own professional development in a timely manner and on a regular basis. For this reason, the management of the faculty offers you to stimulate personal growth and career mobility, using learning opportunities that will undoubtedly take your career to a new level.

Together with the already available online learning tool, FMI develops and implements individual and nationally and internationally recognized training programs. Through online learning and directly

full-time education systems, you and your staff have the opportunity to take advantage of important and effective training methods and refresher courses at a time that fits your schedule.

Faculty Experts ro zroblyayut training course I was considering the university gained experience with the introduction of innovative technologies to prepare current and future engineers to perform their defined unique mission. These courses help to create the best and modern professionals, as well as help us stay productive.


If you want to improve your skills for a specific project, study and understand the array of necessary technologies, improve the atmosphere in the workplace (managing your career), FMI and Nuka resources will support your pursuit of excellence.


Tell us about your intentions and we will make you a proposal !

"By attending courses and seminars in the field of professional development offered by modern scientific organizations, I successfully apply practical and optimized technologies in my work."

Харитонов М
Харитонов М.Ю
Харитонов М.Ю
Харитнов М.Ю

X aritonov Mikhail Fr.

- the leading expert of the department SMIiEM, employee CPS ing at SRI IP, SRS.

Laureate of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Prize for the Most Talented Young Scientist in the Field of Basic and Applied Research and Scientific and Technical Development in 2008


employee of the university since 1998


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