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Address of the Rector of NUS


Dear students, research and teaching staff, graduate students and staff of NUS!


Due to the threat of the spread of cases of acute respiratory diseases, including those caused by coronavirus COVID-2019, we ask you to carefully monitor your health and follow the recommendations of the WHO and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to avoid viral infections.

In response to the global threat of coronavirus infection in Ukraine, our common current goal is the need to take the necessary, active measures to address this health threat and manage our life risks.


For the period of quarantine the organization of educational process will take place with use of technologies of distance learning. Therefore, all classes, seminars and laboratory works planned according to the individual curriculum will be provided to students remotely (online courses, video lectures, individual consultations, webinars, etc.).


We recommend that students make the most of the opportunity to be close to their parents and their families and help them to explain the restrictive measures, while staying in dormitories to follow all the rules set by the internal regulations. Limit visits to other dormitories and rooms as much as possible and minimize your movement in all places.

All events and activities planned by the departments, research and teaching staff, students at the University, such as scientific conferences, meetings of student organizations, will be postponed or canceled. If you have additional questions, please contact the directors of institutes, deans of faculties, the student council of the University.


Research and teaching staff of the University for the period of quarantine work on an individual schedule (according to job descriptions) taking into account the conditions of quarantine.

For administrative and training and support staff, employees of the administrative and economic part is recommended to work from 10.00 to 14.00 without a break. If it is possible to perform appropriate work and tasks at home, we suggest you take this opportunity.


Meetings of rectors are planned to be held in the mode of video meetings. The date of the rector's office will be announced later.

Support and help each other. Always keep in touch with colleagues, be understanding of needs and have increased concerns about the situation. Remember that support and common sense also make a big contribution to reducing the prevalence of dangerous diseases.

Quarantine and reduction of social interactions and contacts - your opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones.


If you have additional questions, please call 0512454580

Rector of NUS,
Eugene Trushlyakov

What you need to know about the new coronavirus?      


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