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ННЦМІ  сторінка  Керівника

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Ukraine, Nikolaev Kuznechna 5, TsPDvE, (NUS).


Management of reconstruction projects based on artifact platforms

YUN Kharitonov

Aerospace Engineering and Technology, 189-192

7 2008 Port infrastructure facilities of Ukraine: composition of ships and vessels of the port fleet

YUN Kharitonov, VI Shalukhin

Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure, 23-27

4 2014 Structure and content of the database on the team of the project of reconstruction of heat supply systems

YUN Kharitonov, EV Elgina

Eastern European Journal of Advanced Technology, 54-56

3 2011 Project management of heat supply systems reconstruction: classification of projects

YUN Kharitonov

Municipal utilities, 136-141

2 2009 System of indicators for decision-making on reconstruction of energy complexes

YUN Kharitonov

Aerospace Engineering and Technology, 221–225-221–225

2 2007 Cross-border cooperation: modeling of design solutions in the reconstruction of municipal heating systems

YUN Kharitonov

Technological audit and production reserves, 40-44

1 2015 Information support for energy saving projects

UN Kharitonov, Manchester United Podaenko, GV Fomenko

Energy Efficiency in Construction and Architecture, 276-280

1 2013 Unification of project management processes for the reconstruction of district heating systems

YUN Kharitonov

Complex Systems Development Management, 75-78

Preliminary modeling of heat supply systems in the management of reconstruction projects

YUN Kharitonov

Municipal Utilities, 382-387

1 2008 Choice of strategy for reconstruction of complex technical systems

YUN Kharitonov

Aerospace Engineering and Technology, 192–194-192–194

1 2007 Modeling of information infrastructure for project management of port infrastructure development

UM Kharitonov, BM Gordeev, BV Berdynsky further

Research interests:


Main scientific field: Engineering sciences - Mechanical engineering.

Project management and reconstruction programs of municipal heat supply systems.

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дтн.проф . Харитонов Ю.Н


Yuriy Mykolayovych

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Dean of the Faculty

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