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34 | Date of update 26.03.2021 | Reading time; 8 1 minutes FMI

Херсон (Харитонов  Ю.Н)  2  - цифровізація

NISS experts initiated the introduction of digitalization of technical networks of housing and communal services of the city of Kherson as a component of building a smart city.

March 25, at the initiative of the head of sector research Tauride region and the Crimea, the National Institute for Strategic Studies Alexander Maksimenko in the Kherson City Council held a joint meeting, the meeting of the management of the city - Mayor Igor Kolyhayeva and his deputy Vladimir Pepel , with a PhD, head of the Center for Applied Research in energy , National University of shipbuilding im..Makarova - Yuri Kharitonov and employees NISS sector.

The main topic of the meeting was the digitization of technical networks in Kherson. The sphere of scientific interests of Doctor of Sciences Yuri Kharitonov is project management and programs of reconstruction of energy and municipal systems. During the meeting, Professor Yu. Kharitonov presented the practical results of his developments on the digitization of technical networks of housing and communal services, which are implemented in settlements both in Ukraine and abroad.

The technologies proposed by him allow to effectively manage the life support system of the city, to ensure the economic feasibility of budget expenditures for housing and communal services and to analyze the prospects and risks of urban infrastructure development.

“Digitalization of technical networks of housing and communal services of the city is an integral part of the implementation of the smart city system. Today, smart technologies are considered as one of the important foundations for strengthening community cohesion on the basis of its greater effectiveness in identifying development problems, involving the community in decision-making " (J. Zhalilo, Deputy Director of NISS).


The participants of the meeting agreed to start practical work on digitization of water supply networks and heating system of the city of Kherson in April this year.

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