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Career at the faculty

  • Today, we are a young, but flagship in many respects faculty of NUS! Acquiring new knowledge, our students - graduates will become multidisciplinary professionals and are guaranteed to characterize the University as modern and leading!


  • Becoming an expert of the future is possible today! Development of maritime infrastructure of Ukraine is a necessary way for the development of the state!


  • Our university invites talented teachers and staff to work together and constructively. Use the interactive block below to find a job at the faculty or university.

Internal candidates

current university staff

External applicants

everyone is invited

  • If you are looking for a position in other branches of the university, visit the provided page and follow the required link.

Other career opportunities:


Contacts and directions

The main building of NUS
Address: Mykolaiv, 54000, Heroes of Ukraine Avenue, 9,

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